Rapper Logic embraces Bitcoin: ‚Major investment in BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) prices have risen sharply in recent days. Prominent companies such as PayPal are entering the battlefield. Well-known (old) artists also regularly express themselves positively about BTC. The latest on that list is the American rapper Logic.

Via Twitter he announces that, under Bitcoin Up software pressure from his manager, he ‚has made a large investment in BTC‘.

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Bitcoin and marketing
Bitcoin does not have a centrally managed marketing team. It is therefore dependent on all sorts of individual interested parties. Now that bitcoin is making nice moves up, it’s also easy to tell about your investments.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Logic) does not disclose how much bitcoin he has bought. And that’s better too. Nobody needs to know exactly how much BTC you have. It’s a bit of privacy and a bit of security.

Logic has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter. It is questionable whether he persuades anyone to look at bitcoin as well, but in any case it is a nice way to bring the subject to the attention.

Full in bitcoin
Logic’s manager, Chris Zarou, says himself to be ‚irresponsibly long‘ on bitcoin. He probably has a large part of his investments in bitcoin.

By the way, Zarou is not alone in this. Even large companies now keep a piggy bank in bitcoin. Techbedrijf Square bought 4,709 bitcoin with 1% of total assets.

The most striking example of this is MicroStrategy. The company invested $425 million in bitcoin and is already well over millions in the plus. It is not for nothing that the Americans are planning to expand that pile of bitcoin.

Because of the increase in bitcoin, it can compete with companies such as PayPal, Coca-Cola and Netflix in terms of market capitalisation.

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